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Make a Donation to Mosaic Middle School

 Please consider supporting our innovative private school by making a one-time or on-going donation through our Harvest House Circle of Support.

“This is our school. Let peace dwell here. Let the rooms be full of contentment. Let love abide here: Love of one another, love of humankind, love of learning, love of life itself. Let us remember that as many hands build a house, so many hearts make a school.”  – R. Steiner

To date, Mosaic Middle School has been blessed with a supportive and passionate parent community, an eager and inspired collection of teacher applicants, and collaborative, clear-thinking founding leadership.

While the founders and supporters of our private school give generously in both their time and financial contributions, and while all choice schools offer state scholarships through the voucher program and therefore receive tax-generated funding, we will have an ongoing need to help create adequate facilities to meet the educational needs of our students and teachers.  Mosaic Middle School is encouraging financial support so that we may provide the following:

•The full richness of our exploratory curriculum and programs by creating unique learning environments and classrooms, providing essential materials and resources for students and staff, and designing and offering meaningful field trips and extracurricular life experiences; and

•Enhancement of our school grounds, such as creating outdoor learning spaces, school garden spaces, a unique playground space, a greenhouse, composting and recycling areas, athletic facility, etc.

We graciously invite you to join in the Harvest House Circle of Support at Mosaic Middle School to help provide a unique, dynamic, and beautiful exploratory educational opportunity for children in the Northwest Indiana community.


If you feel inspired to help to make this kind of educational opportunity available in an independent school setting and to help make a change in the world, please consider making a financial donation to our school.


You can make a tax deductible contribution to Mosaic Middle School as a one-time donation* or as an ongoing monthly donation* (referred to as a “subscription,” which you can cancel at anytime).

*All donations are tax deductible! Mosaic Middle School nonprofit arm is Harvest House Children & Young Adults.   The tax ID # is 27-4031788. (You may want to keep this number handy for your tax records.)

If you’d like, you may also make a donation by sending a check payable to:

Mosaic Middle School

 665 S. Lake Street

Gary, IN 46403

THANK YOU! - Your gift has lifted up the School again this year and allowed us to maintain our higher standards of education.

Donations to Mosaic School’s  Annual Fund or other fund raising campaigns can be refunded ONLY if the request for a refund is made in writing (e.g., hard copy, fax or e-mail) within 48 hours of the initial donation.

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