Our students participate in a challenging, engaging academic curriculum which includes Math, Science, Language Arts, Foreign Language, Fine Art, Drama, Life Skills, Community Service and Mentorship.

Our primary goals include:

Developing each student’s personal talents and a life-long passion for learning and exploration.

Creating a caring environment where each student has opportunities for self-expression and growth.

Encouraging the values of friendship, leadership, world citizenship and service. Challenging each student to maximize their potential and graduating students with the desire, vision and skills to follow their dreams.

Supporting and encouraging the development of individual abilities in an educationally, culturally, socioeconomically and ethnically diverse learning community. Providing opportunities for enriched real-life applications of educational knowledge and connecting our students to the world at large.

How we achieve our goals:

We offer a supportive and safe educational environment which provides opportunities for individualized curricula and challenges each student to reach their highest potential. We have high academic and behavioral standards, along with personalized support and guidance to help students achieve their goals.
We have a caring, dedicated staff and board who are committed to enrolling a diverse student body and to infusing the entire academic curriculum with the arts to foster self-expression and enhanced learning in every subject area.
We integrate technology as a tool for learning, communicating and augmenting classroom instruction.
We connect students to the community through a structured and project- oriented mentorship program.
We build a global perspective into the curriculum by establishing relationships with local and international organizations and by building partnerships with international schools.
We emphasize learning by doing, with a particular focus on character growth, teamwork, reflection and literacy. We connect high quality academic learning to adventure, service and character development through a variety of student experiences. These include interdisciplinary, project based learning expeditions.

The curriculum gives students blueprints for learning, teaches the skills needed to do research, invites creative and divergent thinking, and instills the desire for more learning. We strive to help our students become compassionate citizens with a deep respect for all living beings. Our school is a community in which parents and teachers work together to create a caring, safe environment where all of the students can learn from one another, develop respect for one another and acquire a profound acceptance of individual differences.


Humanities/Expedition: Our humanities workshops creates an empowering platform for students to become agents of change in our society through the use of Learning Expeditions. Students use primary source readings and discussions to understand multicultural perspectives. Diverse viewpoints foster an excitement for learning and provide stimulus for lively debate, depth of thought and informed opinion.

English/Language Arts: Our school emphasizes writing skills across the curriculum. Our goals in Language Arts include learning to listen actively, speak articulately, write persuasively and think critically. Topics such as: spelling, grammar (taught in relation to students’ writing), vocabulary enrichment, creative writing, research, public speaking, world literary experiences in a variety of genres, 7 traits of writing, classic and world literature, and the mechanics of writing and reading comprehension are hallmarks of the English curriculum.Students develop the ability to articulate thoughts verbally and in writing. We also have practical exercises using synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, word roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Students are carefully guided through the reading and writing process. Assignments are geared to allow students to have both teacher-led and student-driven activities that ultimately lead to more self-reliance and independence

Theater & Creative Writing Workshops: We have an exciting language arts program which supports our theater program. Our students help write the annual school play. We also put on professional, high quality musicals each year which showcase our students’ singing, acting and dancing.

Character Building & Life Skills: We believe an education is more than just mastering academic knowledge. Recent educational research supports the notion that teaching character values and having grit and resilience dramatically increases a student’s chance of success in high school and college. There are character traits that are strongly correlated with success later in life and with individual fulfillment.

Our school has a strong emphasis in character building and social emotional support for each student. Our school character traits of respect, trust, courage, honesty, compassion and stewardship form the foundation of our educational program. Each of these character traits are discussed and defined on an ongoing basis so that they are lived and displayed in action every day. We teach life skills that help students learn how to stay strong amidst the waves of peer and societal pressure.

Our students learn how to be compassionate, kind citizens and to stand up for what they know is right. Students learn about integrity and honesty, plagiarizing and cheating, the negative impacts of cliques and spreading rumors. These are invaluable life lessons that are best learned before high school. We support each student’s emotional development and our teachers and students together create an atmosphere of trust which allows each student to explore and grow.

Elementary traditionally been considered a challenging time for young people as they transition from home to school. At our school, however, our students become the school leaders and role models and they are supported by their teachers and each other during this time of inner and outer change. This develops the inner strength needed to flourish in the middle school environment.

About Us

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