The Learning Support Program assists students who have weaknesses in one or more learning areas. These students may have mild learning difficulties – e.g. comprehension, spelling or sentence construction – gaps in education caused by disruptive schooling or learning differences.

Students in Learning Support are integrated as much as possible with their peers. In-class assistance is offered to students and/or withdrawal based Learning Support. Students receive one-on-one support or are taught in small groups.

The Mosaic International Schools provide Learning Support Plans (LSPs), which are differentiated to suit the needs of each student. In Learning Support, the students work towards the goals of their LSPs as well as building the fundamental literacy, numeracy and study skills required to cope with mainstream subjects. Learning Support help students by using a modified curriculum, which is designed to meet Learning Support targets, enabling the students to cope with their class work.

By ascertaining students’ learning difficulties and supplying realistic goals, supported by individually tailored learning strategies, Learning Support students are able to manage the mainstream Program and improve their general language, numeracy and study skills simultaneously.

Typical role of the Learning Support Assistant

  • Attending to the pupils individual needs and implementing related personal programs
  • Assist in preparation of the unit being taught
  • Assistance through narration, explanation, demonstration, etc
  • Assist with the development and implementation of LSPs
  • Organization of material and equipment for the lesson
  • Using teaching aids, hands on activities, questioning techniques, etc
  • Promoting the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils within the classroom
  • Establishing purposeful working relationships with pupils
  • Promoting the independence and employing strategies to recognize and reward achievement of self reliance
  • Providing effective feedback to pupils in relation to programs and rewarding achievement

 Learning Support Policy

Educational Programs are guided by the following principles

  • All students have the basic right to a quality education that meets their needs
  • All students have the right to an education in the least restrictive environment
  • All students can learn and be taught
  • All students benefit from teaching practices that are inclusive of the needs of every student
  • Educational planning requires an active partnership between the school, parents, the student and relevant professional support staff and organizations
  • Students will receive resources and support based on educational needs
  • All students will have involvement in the mainstream school activities where possible

 Learning Support Criteria

 Students who are in mainstream classes will be eligible for support from the Learning Support Department if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Applicants must undertake a Learning Support Assessment to determine the students individual needs;
  • The student is on one or more academic year levels below the standard expected for their academic year group in two or more key learning areas identified by the curriculum and Standards Framework;
  • The student demonstrates behaviors that are disruptive to his / her learning. For example; a short attention span or social exclusion.
  • Students will not be eligible for Learning Support purely for behavioral disturbance.
  • The classroom teacher, academic coordinator, and school director will deal with purely behavioral issues.






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