Voucher Scholarship, FAQ, Eligibility Reqs

In an effort to offer an affordable, quality education to Indiana’s students.  Indiana has implemented a “Voucher Program”.  The voucher program allows students in Indiana to attend the private school of their choice and will pay up to $4500 in tuition payments for students grades K-8.  Please read below for more information. Click Here to apply

Indiana Choice Scholarship Voucher Program Eligibility Requirements

1. What are the eligibility requirements for a Choice Scholarship?

To be eligible, a student must meet the following requirements:
•    Have a legal settlement in Indiana;
•    Be accepted for enrollment into a participating school that is located in Indiana;
•    Be between the ages of 5 and 22 no later than August 1 of the school year;
•    Live in a household at or below the household income limits;
•    Either:
•    (A) Have been enrolled in an Indiana public school (grade 1 through 12, charters included) that did not charge the individual transfer tuition for at least two (2) semesters before applying for a Choice Scholarship; or
•    (B) Have received a scholarship from one of the following in a previous school year:
•    Educational Choice Charitable Trust
•    School Scholarship Granting Organization of Northeast Indiana
•    Tuition Assistance Fund of Southwestern Indiana
•    North Central Indiana Scholarship Granting Organization
•    Sagamore Institute
2. What are the household income limits? (2012-2013 school year)
The value of the Choice Scholarship is the lesser of three amounts:
•    Tuition and fees charged to the student at the eligible school;
•    $4,500 for grades 1-8; or,
•    An amount based off the per-student state funding for the student’s school corporation of residence, determined as follows:
•    90% of the funding formula amount if household income is up to 100% of Reduced Lunch eligibility (see chart below)
•    50% of formula amount if household income is up to 150% of Reduced Lunch eligibility (see chart below)

*Income levels are determined in accordance with the Income Verification Rules document available at

**For a household size of nine (9) or more, add $7,326 to the annual limit for each additional member (or $611 to the monthly limit) for a “90%” scholarship.

***Add $10,989 to the annual limit ($916 monthly) for each additional member for a “50%” scholarship.

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