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Mosaic Community School Mission

The mission of Mosaic School, Inc. is to enhance, support and promote creative and critical thinking as well as problem solving skills in the building of life-long learners and productive citizens to create a better global society.

Mosaic Community School Motto

Building a “Community of Learners”

Mosaic Community School Philosophy

Levels of School Effectiveness

The five levels of school effectiveness outlined below are based on Robert J. Marzano.

Level 1: A Safe and Orderly Environment That Supports Cooperation and Collaboration

Level 2: An Instructional Framework That Develops and Maintains Effective Instruction in Every Classroom

Level 3: A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum Focused on Enhancing Student Learning

Level 4: A Standards-Referenced System of Reporting Student Progress

Level 5: A Competency-Based System That Ensures Student Mastery of Content

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"Mosaic Community School is committed to the proposition that each child deserves the finest possible educational opportunities. As a preparatory institution grounded in the finest traditions of a liberal arts education, Mosaic stresses the continuing importance of the core subjects, with particular emphasis on reading, writing and problem solving."

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