Learning Expeditions

Elements of a Learning Expedition

•Focused and Narrowed Topic in a Context
•Guiding Question
•Immersion, Kick-off, or Hook
•Learning Targets

◦The “Big Ideas” of the discipline(s)
◦Content, skills, character
◦State standards
◦Strong emphasis on teaching reading and writing

•Learning experiences planned like the over-all expedition

◦Projects with products that show understanding

•Real audiences
•Craftsmanship (multiple drafts and critique)
•Tasks that meet portfolio requirements

◦Ongoing literacy experiences
◦Significant instructional events (labs, simulations, role-plays)

•Evidence that students have met standards
•Seamless integration of technology
•Authentic assessment
•Authentic Research

◦Primary sources, experts, and data

•Culminating Event or Exhibition
•Reflection and Debriefing Time
•Physical Adventure, when possible

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