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Overview of Application and Interview Process for Instructional Positions

Mosaic’s teacher application process is designed to assist us in learning as much information as possible about you as a teacher and also allows the teacher to see if our school would be a good fit for their teaching style.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until a position is filled. You can expect the entire application and interview process to last approximately three weeks. In some cases the process may take longer, however if this occurs, we will be in touch frequently via email regarding the status of your application. In the event your timeline for finding a position is shorter than three weeks, please let us know at the interview stage and we will do our best to work with your timeline.

•What to expect as a Teacher
•Application Process
•Tips for Submitting your Application
•Interview Process
•Application & Interview Process for Non-Instructional Positions

What to expect as a Mosaic Community School Teacher

Teachers lecture less. Students speak and think more. Lessons have explicit purpose, guided by clear learning targets for which students take active responsibility. In every subject area, teachers carefully tailor their lessons to specific and ambitious learning goals, a practice that brings out the best in students and cultivates a culture of high expectations and achievement.

Teachers and staff at Mosaic Community School don’t just believe in the value of their approach; they verify it. We have developed a variety of proven methods for assessing student progress toward standards-based learning targets.

Teachers Review Data
Teachers review everything from patterns in student work to results on critical examinations, using data analysis to track student achievement and provide systematic support.

Teachers Provide Models
Teachers become partners with students in evaluating student work. “Models of excellence”—exemplary work created by students in classrooms just like theirs —are used to give students a clear and concrete picture of what excellence looks like. Students learn to gauge their own progress against the models and to define learning rubrics for themselves. Step by step, they begin to internalize learning targets and reflect on their own and others’ work on their way to success.

Teachers Bring In Experts
Students receive feedback from experts in the field who review their work as professionals. For example, students at another public school who completed a comprehensive energy audit of city schools had their final presentation evaluated by a city facilities engineer. Going “public” with their projects raises the stakes for students, who learn how their work holds up against the standards of the profession.

If this sounds interesting to you, then you are who we are looking to join our team and hope you will apply today.

Application Process for Teaching Positions

Applications are accepted via email, fax, mail and our online system under the Employment Section.

Tips for Submitting your Application

If you are having trouble submitting your application, please try the troubleshooting tips outlined below.
•Use Firefox as your browser. We’ve gotten feedback from other applicants that our system tends to function better when using Firefox as their browser. To download Firefox, click here:
•Answer ALL questions thoroughly.

Application Feedback. Please note that we are very fortunate to receive a large number of applications. We highly encourage you to complete your application with a high level of thoughtfulness, detail, and excellence. Due to the high volume and our internal policy, we are unable to provide individual feedback.

Interview Process for Teaching Positions

Within two weeks of submitting your application, the Mosaic Team will review it and notify you of your status. Should you move forward, the stages in the interview process will consist of the following:

•Phone Interview. This initial interview will be with a member of the Mosaic Team. During this time, we will further discuss your application responses, interest in Mosaic and how your past experiences are a fit with the school(s) and position(s) to which you applied. Phone Interview Tip: Do your research! Prior to the phone interview, review our website, check out our Facebook page, read about Mosaic in the media, etc.
•Video Lesson Submission. If our initial conversation indicates you may be a good fit at Mosaic, you will be invited to record and submit a minimum 30 minute video of you teaching a lesson to your students. Seeing you in action with your own students, in the classroom environment you created, provides the most authentic opportunity to highlight your strengths as a teacher. Please Note: If you are not currently in the classroom or unable to provide a video, we will work with you to schedule an alternate demonstration lesson at one of our schools.
•School-Based Interview. The School Leader(s) will review your video and determine whether to invite you to an in-person final interview at their school. A typical school-based interview occurs during the school day and includes a debrief of the video lesson, and an interview with the school leader. The day may also include interviews with other members of the school leadership or instructional teams and teaching a demonstration lesson at the school. The school-based interview typically last 2 hours. Note: If you are considered a good fit for positions across multiple campuses, you will be invited to complete a school-based interview at each school considering you for a position.
•Reference Check. The final stage in the interview process is contacting the references you provided. We will notify you prior to contacting your references.

Note regarding the Interview Process: The interview process outlined above represents the typical interview process for candidates. The process may vary from candidate to candidate based on many factors, including school leader preference, candidate background and experience, and type of position. Other stages may include a phone interview with a principal and teaching a demonstration lesson.

Application & Interview Process for Non-instructional Positions

All positions are posted in the Employment section of our website and require the submittal of an online application. Applications are reviewed and candidates who are invited to move forward can expect to complete a phone interview, demonstration or performance task related to the position, and a final interview with the hiring manager and other members of the Mosaic staff. The specific interview process will be explained in detail to candidates at the end of the phone interview.

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