Kindergarten (KG) – A Strong Foundation for Learning


A Program That Works!

At Mosaic we believe in laying a strong foundation for our early learners thus we adopted the A Beka Book program for the Early Years.  Each year, more than 100,000 kindergartners are using the A Beka Book Kindergarten Program across the country. The popularity of this unique program is a tribute to the great success Christian schools have had using the A Beka Book Kindergarten Program.

Five-year-olds are eager to learn, and their parents are delighted with their achievement using the popular A Beka Book program. Students enjoy a balanced program in which care has been taken to consider every developmental facet. They are given a good foundation in basic skills and are motivated to look forward to elementary school.

The A Beka Book Kindergarten Program teaches basic reading skills using an intensive phonics approach. This is a phonics program, not just sight reading garnished with phonics. Students are taught to read with a systematic, step-by-step reading plan based upon the sounds of each letter. This gives students a solid foundation for developing exceptional reading skills. The A Beka Book Kindergarten Program has always used an intensive phonics approach to reading and has been highly successful in training young readers nationwide for more than 50 years.

 In addition, our Kindergarten Program improves upon the children’s social skills, listening skills, questioning skills, gross and fine motor skills, eye / hand coordination, learning to be part of a group, creativity, learning that print holds the message and early numeric skills. All these enhance the quality and preparation of individual learning abilities.  






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